A flexible approach, from research to delivery

Food Services


Restaurants of all sizes rely on our food services. Our flexible solution will provide you with easy access to pre-made products, and more.


We will adjust our services to any hotel and cater to their needs. No matter the product or the quantity you need, we will adapt to you.

Food Retailers

Kamloop offers a turnkey solution for all food retailers. We will help you with everything from product standardization to choosing the perfect packaging.


We provide institutions with fast and privileged access to a variety of services and products. Our reliability, from our lead times to our quality, has helped Kamloop become an industry-leading company.

Retirement Homes

Variety, simplicity, and speed are essential when it comes to the food service at retirement homes. With our efficient and reliable approach, Kamloop will provide you with the exact support you need.

Customizable solutions

Customizable solutions, from development to delivery.

With its unparalleled flexibility, Kamloop has risen above the other food industry competitors. By understanding the standards and requirements that govern your facility, we will adapt to the needs of your customers. With our technology and team of dedicated professionals, we offer customized solutions like:

  • The development of unique recipes, meals, sauces, and soups
  • A wide range of pre-made food products, available at any time
  • Increased flexibility in production volume (small, medium, and large production capacities)
  • Standardization of manufactured products for the entire distribution channel
  • Customization of packaging formats according to ideal portions

The ideal format, catered to your needs

  • Ready-to-eat meals Individual size, Family size
  • Sauce 30ml, 300ml, 4 liters, 20 liters, 90 liters
  • Soups 1 liter, 4 liters, 20 liters
  • Ready to serve sides: Rice with vegetables, Basil Orzo, Quinoa with vegetables, Couscous, etc.
HACCP and SQF standards

A matter of food safety

All operations carried out in our plant adhere to HACCP and SQF standards, so that we can promise a maximum control of food safety from our equipment to your customers.

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